Kidz Character Illustrations

Creating a set of Kidz character concepts was the requirement for this commission. Following initial development sketches, the client was really pleased with the final results and are looking to further this work in the coming months. Developing the characters and the range will be a challenge that both artist and creatives are relishing and can’t wait to continue with as soon as we get the go ahead.

Watch this space for further news on this work…


Kidz Character Illustrations

Illustration Agencies – Food Packaging Illustrations

Following on from the previous news article, the client commissioned a follow up job based on a similar customer survey brief. Realistic illustrations of packaging concepts were required this time round so although a slightly different concept, it still required high quality, realistic illustrations to be created from sample photo reference and descriptions only. Once again we covered the work in quick time creating fabulous food/packaging illustrations that impressed the client yet again.

Really great to get the repeat business and a satisfied client once again šŸ˜‰


Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations01Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations02Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations03Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations04Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations05Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations06Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations07Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations08Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations09Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations10Illustration Agencies - Food Packaging Illustrations11

Realistic Food Illustration Concepts

Illustrations showing realistic food concepts, yet to be developed, were created for this brief. Forming part of an online survey asking customers their preferences relating to various aspects of the ‘shoppers’ selection process, the task was truly challenging. An extremely fast turnaround for 25 concepts in total and an extremely satisfied client at the end. Great stylised illustrations whist maintaining a realistic over all finish showing the concepts off to their full potential.

Impressing on this first commission for the client has since led to further work which is the best feedback that can be given šŸ˜‰


Realistic Food Illustration Concepts01Realistic Food Illustration Concepts02Realistic Food Illustration Concepts03Realistic Food Illustration Concepts04Realistic Food Illustration Concepts05Realistic Food Illustration Concepts06Realistic Food Illustration Concepts07Realistic Food Illustration Concepts08Realistic Food Illustration Concepts09Realistic Food Illustration Concepts10Realistic Food Illustration Concepts11Realistic Food Illustration Concepts12Realistic Food Illustration Concepts13

Illustrated Warning / Safety Symbols for Marcrist

Rather than the usual illustrated tools required from Monkey Feet, this time it was a set of 13 warning / safety symbols to ensure safety in the workplace. Once again it was Staton who produced the illustrations for this commission. A quick turn around as ever and a satisfied client at the end šŸ˜‰


Illustrated Warning / Safety Symbols for Marcrist - 01Illustrated Warning / Safety Symbols for Marcrist - 02Illustrated Warning / Safety Symbols for Marcrist - 03Illustrated Warning / Safety Symbols for Marcrist - 04Illustrated Warning / Safety Symbols for Marcrist - 05Illustrated Warning / Safety Symbols for Marcrist - 06Illustrated Warning / Safety Symbols for Marcrist - 07

Children’s Illustrations – Cartoon Crane Characters

After receiving a set of pre-illustrated crane characters, our artist was commissioned to create a map of where they lived and worked, a detailed representation of the main yard with reception area and of course, the all important ‘Barm Pot, Fast Food Trailer’ šŸ˜‰

Complimenting the existing style perfectly the client was extremely pleased with the results and ‘fingers crossed’ this will now lead to future commissions with this family of crane characters.

Watch this space (as they say) for future developments


Children's Illustrations - Cartoon Crane Characters - MapChildren's Illustrations - Cartoon Crane Characters - YardChildren's Illustrations - Cartoon Crane Characters - Barm-Pot

Illustrated ‘Harrow’ Logo

Highly professional vector graphics were created for the design and development of this ‘Harrow’ Logo. Turned around in double quick time and as ever, the quality impressed once againā€¦

…yet another satisfied client šŸ˜‰


Illustrated 'Harrow' Logo